Equifax Workforce Solutions Notice - 12/22/2019

With the partial U.S. government shutdown the E-Verify service will be interrupted. 
During the shutdown, the E-Verify system will not accept new cases to determine the eligibility of your employees to work in the United States.  However, our I-9 Management service will continue to maintain a record of cases to be submitted to E-Verify.  Once E-Verify is reinstated, the I-9 Management service submits applicable E-Verify cases. This means you and your team do not have to track the status of the shutdown or resubmit cases. After the E-Verify system is running again your team will need to monitor your E-Verify open cases to help ensure they are handling them in a timely manner once submitted.
Make sure your teams are aware of the shutdown, but that their current I-9 processes won’t need to change.  If you have questions, please contact your Account Manager or Workforce Solutions Support at 877-664-8778 or e-mail