Equifax Workforce Solutions scheduled maintanance for 02/07/2015

On Saturday, February 7th, 2015, Equifax Workforce Solutions will be performing System Maintenance. There will be security patching and firewall upgrade maintenance. The following may experience temporary service interruptions from 6pm until 12am Central Time:

• Unemployment Tax Services WebManager
• Unemployment Tax Services Insight Reporting
• Unemployment Tax Services - Internal Applications (WinPortal, WebPortal, Pinnacle, Tax)
• Unemployment Tax Services CaseBuilder
• Reemployment Services
• Tax Credits & Incentives Cast Hiring Manager
• Tax Credits & Incentives Cast Screening
• Tax Credits & Incentives Client Website 2.0
• Tax Credits & Incentives CSA TCI Tab
• Tax Credits & Incentives Dallas Legacy Applications
• Tax Credits & Incentives eSign IVR
• Tax Credits & Incentives TCAM
• Tax Credits & Incentives Green Screen Applications 
• Tax Credits & Incentives TCIDNET  
• Tax Credits & Incentives TCI IVR
• Single Signon
• Documentum
• ePort
• eID
• Enterprise Faxing
• File Transmission
• Employment & Income Verifications (Web & IVR)
• Social Services Verifications (Web & IVR)
• Research Verifications
• Batch and Integrated Verifications of Employment and Income
• Salary Key Generation (Web & IVR)
• W-2 Management (Web & IVR)
• W-2 Downloads into Tax Software
• I-9 Management (Web & IVR)
• Onboarding Services (Web & IVR)
• Automated Employment Service (Web & IVR)
• Electronic Paystubs & Employee Self Services (Web & IVR)
• Call Center Internal Applications (VAM, WAM, AM, CSR, OPAC)
• OPAC Government Direct
• Automatic Batching and Faxing of Orders (Government Direct)
• Automatic Download of Tax Transcripts from the IRS (Government Direct)

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is necessary to ensure
that Equifax Workforce Solutions continues to provide you the industry-leading services you
have come to expect.

Thank you,

Equifax Workforce Solutions Operations Team
St. Louis, MO 63146