SSL/TLS Certificate Update For B2B/Verifiers/TCI Integrated Portal Endpoints

Equifax Workforce Solutions we will be updating the SSL certificates for the following B2B, verifier, and TCI endpoints and the dates indicated:
    Lower Environments: 5/15/2018


    Production: 5/24/2018
This update involves renewing the certificates as well as changing our Public Certificate Authority from Symantec/VeriSign to DigiCert. While this change should not have any effect on currently issued Client Certificates, it could affect the initial connection to the endpoint (before client certificates are requested) if customers do not have the DigiCert Global Root CA chain installed on their servers.
Please check your Server's Trusted Root Store and Intermediate Certification Authorities store for the following certificates:
DigiCert_Global_Root_CA (Root)
Valid to: November 09, 2031
Serial: 08:3B:E0:56:90:42:46:B1:A1:75:6A:C9:59:91:C7:4A
DigiCert_SHA2_Secure_ServerCA (Intermediate)
Valid to: March 08, 2023
Serial: 01:FD:A3:EB:6E:CA:75:C8:88:43:8B:72:4B:CF:BC:91

If you do not have these certificates installed you can download them from the DigiCert, Inc. website

Or the DigiCert SSL Root Chain can be requested from Workforce Solutions Support at 

EWS Application Support